Working from Home

Amidst this COVID-19 epidemic it's funny that now there's now this kind of revelation that we can actually work from home and we don't really need to get on a train, commute for hours and then come home knackered.

When I was around 18 I had my first "proper" job in London which was a 40 minute commute away. I remember the first night after work coming home and some guy in his 40's was asleep on the train, dribbling all down his suit and my thought there and then was "I will NOT be doing that when I'm that age..."

I lasted 2 weeks and 3 days...London Office life wasn't for me.

Anyway, some 30 years later and countless jobs around the world I've now got a pretty cool home working setup, and I've been doing this for around the past 20 years (of course I still go out to shoot but I don't need the big office and the commute to go with it.)

I've pretty much got better technology here than a lot of London based studios (and a lot more room) , and also it's a 5 second commute from the kitchen..

I can edit, colour grade do VFX and everything else all from here, I've cut and graded corporate films for blue chips, international corporates and clients in the UK and US - as well as editing Rom Boys entirely from this room.

So I've been living this "new normal" for years, it's kind of funny to now watch the whole world catching up...

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