Sony FS7 – My setup.

After working with the Sony FS7 for the past couple of years I've got a pretty good handle on all it's intricacies and settings .

It really is a beast of a camera in terms of it's functionality but at the same time it can be stripped down to the bone for a really small footprint run and gun rig.

Here are a few Pictures showing the current setup and how I've regularly used it on assignments over the past two years. This gives a feel for how lightweight or advanced it can get for various types of shoots.

I'm still waiting for a Smallrig wooden handle and rosette to arrive to balance out the rig for the larger setups but this is what I'm currently running with.


These are all about run and gun and not missing the shot, but also not getting in the way of the attendees. I like to keep the FS7 light and as unobtrusive as possible but to save time I'll use a V Lock battery setup with Hawk Woods adaptor to ensure I don't run out of juice.

Shown here with Sigma 18-35


Pretty much the same setup as above but I'll use the 28-135 and ditch the Follow Focus and rods. This lens get a bad rap and sure it would be better if it was faster (2.8 would have been great) and wider (18 would have been ideal) but it is what it is and the image stabilization is nice, although I don't like the way it sits in the emount and would be good if it was a bit tighter. I guess the FS7ii fixes this with its new lens mount system (?)



Now the FS7 becomes a beast fully loaded with Matte Box, Follow Focus and external monitor. Mostly mounted on a tripod this setup allows for a full day of shooting in controlled environments but using the Small Rig shoulder support and Sony VCT-14 plate it can be quickly switched to handheld mode if needed. I've got the IKAN powered by the DTap from the Hawk Woods adaptor which is great as I hate the battery module for the VXF7 as it keeps falling out at the slightest tough.


I've been shooting Rom Boys very light and this is actually my favourite setup - a manual 10mm Rokinon / Samyang cine lens and shooting handheld mostly from the hip. I ditch the V lock and shape arm and just use the top handle, this lets me get low and off the shoulder and the wide lens is great for the type of BMX/Skate shots that Rom Boys has needed. I keep the Manfrotto plate on so I can quickly switch to the sticks If I need to.


The Ronin requires a stripped down version of the above. Here I'll ditch the top handle, tripod plate and monitor and instead feed HDMI out to the IKAN monitor sitting on the Ronin handle bars. I tend to stick to the 10mm lens for this - it gives me wide shots, focus and aperture is easy to manage, its also pretty much as light as i can get it and balanced. Batterywise I'll use the Sony BPU 60 as anything lighter and it won't balance - anything heavier and it sticks out too much to work. (picture shows the FS7 with Manfrotto plate on, this is replaced by the DJI Ronin plate)



So thats it, can't think of anything else I need now for different scenarios (other than the smallrig arm in the post) - I'll do a fully loaded shot soon with audio gear as well - should be interesting.


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