The Shocker

Short sci-fi / horror flick shot for actor/director Johnny O'Donnell. This was a fun but very long and busy day out - shot on an FS7 primarily with a Fujinion 18-55 cine lens. I shot this in SLOG3 Cine EI at 3200K as we agreed the film should have a cold feeling about it.

The film had a great write up by UK Film Review , here are a couple of quotes from the full review.

"Often times, short films created in one small location, such as Shocker, can become boring, but Matt Harris, the cinematographer, indulged in camera movements and different angles to give an edge to the film. Harris starts the film with close-ups of the machine setting up its evilness...

"...the bleak and even dull blue colour conveys melancholy and depression. Not even when the characters are high does the colour change, begging the question of whether the characters are indeed experiencing bliss of if there’s something amiss in the midst of their actions."

Client: Reality Break Films

Production Company: Reality Break Films

Role: DoP

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