Artist Eve Wright (Eve Wright studios)

‘Libation’ marks EVEWRIGHT’s first solo exhibition in a public gallery, showcasing a collection of new and seminal works spanning 20 years.

The exhibition’s title, ‘Libation’, refers to the ceremonial pouring of a liquid to pay homage to ancestors or relatives who have passed away. The ceremony is prominent in traditional Black Caribbean and African cultures not only for funerals but as a celebration of life for unions and weddings."

Over 2 nights we filmed and shot his performance in almost total darkness aside from a couple of lights - an Aputure Amaran 300c to create moody atmospheric lighting and aa 60X to enable the silhouette shot. Filmed entirely with an FX9 and A7SIII.

The final film is around an hour long and was shown at the Firstsite gallery for a 6 month show.

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