On To You

I recently shot a music video in the Green Room at the Backstage Centre in Purfleet. This was a great venue that gave us access to two completely different environments as well as a working space.

Lighting was key and working with an experienced music video director  - Brad Carter (www.bradcarter.co.uk)  - was also a huge benefit as it enabled us to manage the shoot and performers quickly and efficiently. It was pretty much non-stop working from the get go but the rushes look amazing entirely down to Brad's years of experience lighting music videos.

Brad and I are now currently in the editing stage - working with 13 sync tracks as well as the B roll of the girls in the shoot. The song is so good that the end product should look amazing..

The track is called "On To You" by Raylo Music (www.raylomusic.com)  - it's not released yet but we're pretty sure when it does, along with the video, it'll be really successful as it's a great track.

Here are some behind the scenes shots.

Hoping to have the final edit complete by next month.



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