New in : The Ronin 2

Having owned and operated a DJI Ronin for over 3 years I've seen the tech really evolve and lots of fellow camera guys sell their Ronins for smaller versions - MX or even Osmo.  I found the original Ronin great but certainly not without its limitations.

Having been using a Sony FS7 over the past couple of years this became more and more noticeable where I found it really difficult to balance when using any lenses outside of my Rokinon 10mm. Sure, with a bit of expense I could have modified it but it just didn't feel capable enough to handle the heavy load of the FS7.

When DJI announced the Ronin 2 at a considerably more expensive price I balked at the cost but the more I looked into it and the more types of work I was taking on I realised that the professional functions as well as the wide variety of cameras I could now easily balance on the system made it worth the investment.     

After 3 years I know what works with gimbals and what doesn't (see my Ronin 1 showreel) and so this new Ronin, whilst performing the same basic functionality as the original now gives me much more scope on working on bigger gigs  - and not just handheld. I like the high speed capabilities, the enhanced motors and the overall ergonomics of the setup.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of shots I get this year and what variety of cameras and lenses I get to load up on the system. I've already got some shoots this year where it really should come into it's own.

There's no doubt there's an art to operating these gimbals, from the balancing through to the way you move and work with them, with the new Ready Rig pro as well this new Ronin 2 should be a lot of fun to own and operate.

Watch this space...


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