Mavic 3 & OA

Gearing up for 2022. With the CAA changing their commercial drone piloting authorisation to a brand new system called Operational Authorisation, after 7 years of drone experience I just updated my qualification to have this new CAA approval - the GVC OA.

It's kind of a headache having to do it again but with my knowledge gained over the past 7 years, filming as far afield as Rwanda to Iceland it's surprising how much you forget from the original course. Also the technology and techniques have changed as drones have gotten more powerful and safe.

The MAVIC 3 Cine is also an epic piece of kit - boasting a micro 4/3 sensor and a hybrid 28x zoom lens - this lens is actually great for scouting shots and locations and shooting up to 7x and the quality is superb. Drones have come a long way from when we were flying an S1000 with a GH3 back in 2014. Incredible to think the Mavic now has a far better sensor than a GH4.

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