LA Interview with LM

Haven't posted for a whole but this is a good one..

Recently returned from a shoot in LA at Venice with legendary US pro skater Lance Mountain.

This is part of the Rom Boys doc and the icing on the cake in terms of interviews. Not only was it a long way to go to film, with all the variables and logistics that that can throw up but also you're just never sure how the interview will go.

Turns out there was nothing to worry about - I called on LA based DP Gene Sung to give me a hand and he took a huge amount of pressure off and enabled us to shoot a two camera interview both on FS7's.

Lance was SUPER RAD and really funny and the overall interview was loads of fun ...

Can't wait to put this all together and release the film- aiming for November this year in time for the film festivals.

Teaser preview..






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