Just Eat Summer Campaign

Here's my latest DoP job and some behind the scenes shots.

As a London based director of photography I often end up working all over the world or at the very least navigating the congestion zone, motorways and underground stations of the capital.

For this shoot I managed to persuade the client and production team that my back garden was the perfect location for the shoot (helped primarily by the fact we had a huge paddling pool which was a key prop required for the shoot.

So following a number of cancellations and re-bookings due to the unpredictable British summer finally everything came together and we pulled off a double shoot and a bunch of social media shoots throughout the day.

Shooting on the FS7 in SLOG using the Sigma 18-35 and Sony 28-135 and making use of the Aputure Lightstorm LS1  and a gold reflector for lighting the film was edited and graded by Brad Carter (www.bradcarter.co.uk) and has a real summery feel about it.

To view the films go here:




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