Jeremy Bamber News Documentary

Some screen grabs from a twelve minute news piece which aired on Pro Sieben TV in Germany on Wednesday and was watched by 560K people.

For the past year I’ve been working on the Jeremy Bamber Story - known as the White House Farm murders which happened in 1985 near Maldon in Essex.

Working closely with Jeremy's campaign team and Jeremy himself, we’ve uncovered and documented new evidence which categorically proves the conviction is unsafe.

This new evidence has been submitted to the CCRC and we are now at the stage of waiting for a referral to the Court of Appeal.

If you seen the dramas and documentaries then forget everything you’ve heard and think you know. This is going to be shown as the worst miscarriage of justice in English history.

Jeremy has been in prison for thirty seven years.

For more information see www.brclg.com

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