Forth Ports: Journey to Net Zero

An epic shoot in Scotland.

I've been working with the Port of Tilbury for several years now - shooting lots of drone footage as well as recent short films on recruitment. When Forth Ports, the parent company of The Port of Tilbury, asked me to produce a film for the launch of their new Net Zero initiative I jumped at the chance.

Teaming up with my business partner Barry Clark-Ewers at www.brclg.com we came up with story concept that would not only feature some epic aerial shots of the ports across Scotland but also highlight the human element and incorporate the people that make up Forth Ports.

Following a whirlwind seven day shoot in Scotland from Edinburgh to Dundee (with absolutely unbelievably good weather), chasing pilot boats with drones, midnight shots of enormous ships, FPV flying through container terminals as well as working with a CGI company to produce 3D elements over the drone shots,  the final finished production was described as "mind blowing"  by the CEO.

Shot with an arsenal of cameras : FS7, FX9, A7SIII, Mavic 3 Cine, Mavic 2 Pro and a DJI Avata.

This was a great project with a really receptive and fun to work with client which included bringing the whole team at Forth Ports along for the journey. It also included the opportunity for some amazing drone shots, from FPV shots in the container ports to chasing tankers and pilot boats in the middle of the Forth as well as some Michael Bay style "hero" shots of the team and CEO at the end.

Filming the huge turbine blade move in Dundee was quite incredible - each blade is 30m long so just moving them around is a huge logistical undertaking in itself.

Big ships, giant engineering projects, oil rigs, chasing boats, epic drone shots. What's not to love ?

This was one of those shoots I'll always remember - from the weather, the people, the shots and the final production (as well as client response)  - the word "epic" gets thrown around a lot these days but filming  enormous bits of machinery and engineering (real boys stuff) this really was "Epic" with a capital "E".

The edit was also pretty intensive and made some great use of sound design - all edited and graded in Davinci Studio.

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