Forth Ports: Studio Setup

I've just returned from 3 days in Edinburgh setting up an in-house filming studio for Forth Ports at their Leith HQ.

Enabling them to take on social media productions internally made a lot of sense.

But how do you do this for a team who've never really used cameras, edited or worked in sound or video before. it took a while looking at the most cost effective solution, as well as the least technically complex system. It also had to improve significantly on their social media production values - which to date had been pretty poor.

The approach I came up with I think is the future of these types of quick productions.

Using an iPhone 15 Pro Max this provides Pro-Res recording in 10 bit and with really easy understanding of how they work. Put in a SmallRig cage it also enables the phone to be held more like a camera for stability. Studio wise I went the Aputure route with an Ipad Pro which enabled all lights to be controlled by the Sidus Link app. A green screen to create new back drops when the Scottish weather isn't playing ball and an Elgato teleprompter  - designed specifically for iPhone use.

With the plan to build out into a full podcasting studio at some point in the future this approach makes a lot of sense especially wit the update to final cut coming enabling multicam editing of iPhone from the iPad.

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