Documentary Film Making

I guess there comes a time in every commercial filmmakers life when they really want to get their teeth into something less "salesy" and which fits more with them as a person and tells a story they really think needs telling.

I once saw a documentary about Ridley Scott, who began his career shooting TV commercials when his fellow directing partner at the time Alan Parker got the opportunity to film a feature, apparently Ridley couldn't sleep for a week on hearing this news (he was so envious).

But where do you begin ?

I'm about to embark on this having spent the last 3 months researching and working up a treatment idea and now am in the process of undertaking test shots and also delving deep into the world of funding, grants and cloud funding opportunities.

At this stage it's not about the money it's about telling a story that (I think) needs to be told; but one which also allows for real artistic expression by the subject matter and the way in which I approach it.

It's a 2 year plan and this is the very first post so keep reading to see how this progresses and I get more footage in the can to start to guide the story.

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