Doctor Who: The Ghost Monument – Ronin 2

Here's the Behind The Scenes of the Ronin shot I was called in on back in February to help out on at the BBC Studios in Cardiff.

This was a really long tough day out - I was remote operator of the Ronin sat alongside the DP, Director and Focus Puller whilst I controlled the R2 using the remote. Also had about ten people looking over my shoulder at the monitor It was the first opportunity I'd really had to remotely operate the R2 in a high production level environment and with so many variables over such a long take it was a really tough shot (from technical glitches to actors in the wrong place, lines, set problems...it was mentally challenging to say the least)... It was a 4 minute long take with the camera constantly moving. The focus puller said his motors were moving continuously throughout the whole shot.

Mark, the camera op and a grip manoeuvred the Ronin (carrying an Alexa Mini, Cooke 21mm S4, Follow Focus, Teradek etc. etc.) around the tight confines of the ship whilst I had to make sure the camera was pointing in the right direction at key moments.

All came out well in the end and I loved spending the day looking at the stunning image from the Alexa , also the entire crew were fantastic and a really friendly bunch.



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