DJI Ronin RS2

Well after 5 years of gimbal ownership from the original Ronin 1 to the Ronin 2 now I've just received the Ronin RS2.

Despite the excellent Ready Rig system I was just getting tired of lugging around the Ronin 2 - with camera technology coming on leaps and bounds in the past 5 years the visual benefits of mounting an FX9 on a Ronin 2 vs a handheld RS2 and an A7S3 are just so slight now I just couldn't seen the benefit. In fact I was making excuses NOT to use the R2 specifically because of all the extra time, effort and hassle of setting it up, not to mention the physical effort.

Now with the RS2 I can see shots that I would never have tried , low to overhead crane shots, tracking shots (from a skateboard) , out of a car window - it really is quite liberating. With a Sony A7S3 and some prime autofocus 1.4 lenses onboard, I can't wait to see what kind of shots I'll be getting in 2021.

For me a definite game changer instead of a back breaker.

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