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27 Sep 2017

Skate Dolly..

Shooting a music video this week and the shot requires a dolly pull across a long boardroom style table. Lots of ways to do this but with a tight budget I came up with this. Fs7 on a beanbag on a skateboard - here's a test shot below. It works great where the surface is completely smooth.

18 Sep 2017

Behind The Scenes

A quick "Behind The Scenes" shot from a shoot last week including a green screen shot for a short compositing piece.    

15 Sep 2017

Red Epic-W at Pinewood

Had a recent two hour one-onoone workshop at Pinewood Studios on the new amazing 8K Red Epic-W. Great bit of kit. Might be adding it to the imaging arsenal in the next couple of months...!! Watch this space.  

30 Aug 2017

John Buultjens – A BMX Story

Heres a couple of shots of a great interview with BMX legend John Buultjens (bottom pic taken by Zach Shaw). John has a great life story  - so much so thats it's being turned into a Hollywood movie due for release in 2018.    

30 Aug 2017

Lights, Mirrors….Action

Here's a quick shot of a setup in a gym from a couple of weeks ago - Using a Lav mic and a boom with a sound man is great as it really reduces the extra workload of worrying about sound as well as everything else. When you're shooting with 2 cameras as well this is particularly important. This shoot the whole back wall was covered in Mirrors so as well as light reflections I had to consider reflections of […]

17 Aug 2017

Just Eat Summer Campaign

Here's my latest DoP job and some behind the scenes shots. As a London based director of photography I often end up working all over the world or at the very least navigating the congestion zone, motorways and underground stations of the capital. For this shoot I managed to persuade the client and production team that my back garden was the perfect location for the shoot (helped primarily by the fact we had a huge paddling pool which was a […]

28 Jul 2017

Sony FS7 – My setup.

After working with the Sony FS7 for the past couple of years I've got a pretty good handle on all it's intricacies and settings . It really is a beast of a camera in terms of it's functionality but at the same time it can be stripped down to the bone for a really small footprint run and gun rig. Here are a few Pictures showing the current setup and how I've regularly used it on assignments over the past […]

17 Jul 2017

Big Air

Here's a quick edit of BMX pro Zach Shaw in the legendary Ro Pool at the 2017 BMX Jam. Shot on the Sony FS7, Graded in Davinci using the custom Rom Boys LUT and compositing in After Effects.      

17 Jul 2017

Rom Boys – Dion

Here's a short film put together on Rom Boy Dion getting inked. Shot and mastered in 4K using the Sony FS7. https://youtu.be/hmGEBcoV1Os

14 Jul 2017

Summer 2017

Already having a busy Summer  - lots of new shoots completed for CMV, British Airways and others. Here's a short edit of a recent shoot for Cruise and Maritime Voyages to promote their new ship Columbus...