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25 Jul 2021

Another win For Rom Boys

Best Local Film at the Romford Film festival. Cool custom engraved award.

21 Jul 2021

New TV Project

Very exciting feature length TV documentary in production. Shooting and directing. Will be airing on C4 in October 2021 ..Full details coming soon....

06 Apr 2021

Codec Project

Podcast interview with Anthony Moreschi at the Codec Project. https://www.codecprojects.com/podcast/codec-projects-s1e22-matt-harris-filmmaker-rom-boys-entrepreneur ITUNES SPOTIFY

22 Dec 2020

Interview with Saint Vitus Lounge

Saint Vitus bar is a cool music venue based in Brooklyn. Chris Enriquez, whilst lockdown has been happening has been running an Instagram live interview feed with key musicians who have performed there - it's had some big names through the years. ALSO Chris played drums on the Rom Boys soundtrack so we organised a time to do an interview along with Fernando Martinez the films composer. This was great and if you're into music skip my bit and jump […]

21 Dec 2020

NYCA Cinematography Awards

Just awarded semi-finalist in the New York Cinematography Awards - I'll take that as the first time I've ever submitted anything for an award.

21 Dec 2020

Apropos Skate Mag Interview

Interview with Apropos Skate Magazine recorded at the Paris Surf and Skate Festival in September 2020. http://www.aproposskatemag.com/rom-boys-40-years-of-rad-matt-harris-interview/

14 Dec 2020

Geek Vibes Nation Interview

Another interview on the making of Rom Boys. https://geekvibesnation.com/geek-vibes-interview-with-rom-boys-40-years-of-rad-director-matt-harris/

11 Dec 2020

Authority Magazine Interview

Quite a long one but if you've got 10 minutes to spare here's an interview I did with US Authority Magazine on Medium. https://medium.com/authority-magazine/rising-star-filmmaker-matt-harris-on-the-five-things-you-need-to-shine-in-the-entertainment-9fabd1e67f61

11 Dec 2020

A7SIII – New ‘B’ Cam is an ‘A’ Cam

In the past when I've had a two cam shoot, usually a talking head, I either bring in an extra hand or I hire in an A7S2 or FS7 when need be. I have never in the past liked doing this as there have been too many issues to go wrong - specifically focus when the subject moves their chair and your DOF is really narrow the whole shot can be ruined. Now with the FX9 and the new a7sIII […]

08 Dec 2020

DJI Ronin RS2

Well after 5 years of gimbal ownership from the original Ronin 1 to the Ronin 2 now I've just received the Ronin RS2. Despite the excellent Ready Rig system I was just getting tired of lugging around the Ronin 2 - with camera technology coming on leaps and bounds in the past 5 years the visual benefits of mounting an FX9 on a Ronin 2 vs a handheld RS2 and an A7S3 are just so slight now I just couldn't […]