Camrade TravelMate XL

I'm always on the lookout for a camera bag with my seeming ever expanding kit. The last few years they've multiplied and got bigger to handle the arsenal of camera gear - my last bag a ThinkTank Photo Airport Accelerator has been great for lugging on planes, trains and automobiles however the kit has now outgrown it. Also as a backpack alone it's becoming a handful.

So I've been hunting down a wheeled backpack that can handle gear that will be mostly transported by car to location shoots. I then stumbled across Camrade and they have a few bags in their portfolio including this enormous Travelmate XL.

It's a wheeled bag BUT also a backpack. Now I don't expect to hike up many mountains with it BUT if the need is there I can quickly chuck it on my back to get up stairs, off road terrain locations etc. AND it fits into the boot of my car.

I can't see jumping on any planes in the near future with the ongoing whole COVID situation but this bag now brings all my cameras into one place for car transporting and there's still a couple of places left for some new lenses.

The motion sensitive light is also a nice touch too...

Check them out - www.camrade.com

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