Queens Jubilee

Always great to get involved in a project that's a part of history. In...
11th Jul 22

Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories

The past weekend was spent from sunrise to sunset aerial filming the passenger bridge...
22nd Mar 22

MC-Cases new Mavic 3 Case

Okay so I put this little features video together for MC-Cases of Germany highlighting...
12th Jan 22

Documentary Filmmaking

Here's an online class I shot on documentary filmmaking for Wedio Academy- it mainly...
10th Jan 22

Awesome Drone Pilots in London

Heres a profile list where I got listed as one of the top drone...
10th Jan 22

Mavic 3 & OA

Gearing up for 2022. With the CAA changing their commercial drone piloting authorisation to...
12th Dec 21

The Lancaster at 80

I'm super stoked to announce that the production I shot over the summer is...
22nd Oct 21

Another win For Rom Boys

Best Local Film at the Romford Film festival. Cool custom engraved award.
25th Jul 21

New TV Project

Very exciting feature length TV documentary in production. Shooting and directing. Will be airing...
21st Jul 21

Codec Project

Podcast interview with Anthony Moreschi at the Codec Project. https://www.codecprojects.com/podcast/codec-projects-s1e22-matt-harris-filmmaker-rom-boys-entrepreneur ITUNES SPOTIFY
6th Apr 21

Interview with Saint Vitus Lounge

Saint Vitus bar is a cool music venue based in Brooklyn. Chris Enriquez, whilst...
22nd Dec 20

NYCA Cinematography Awards

Just awarded semi-finalist in the New York Cinematography Awards - I'll take that as...
21st Dec 20