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22 Mar 2022

Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories

The past weekend was spent from sunrise to sunset aerial filming the passenger bridge at Tilbury Cruise Terminal with the drone for an arts film for artist Everton Wright. The film is going to be feature in a major arts film festival later this year so excited to see how it all comes together. It's great filming for these types of films as you can get really creative with really long slow shots and the location and subject just lends […]

12 Jan 2022

MC-Cases new Mavic 3 Case

Okay so I put this little features video together for MC-Cases of Germany highlighting what i think is cool about their new case designed for the Mavic 3 . Anyone who wants to but one can get a 10% discount if you put in mattharrisdp10 on checkout.. www.mc-cases.com Shot as a test of auto with the A7SIII and sigma 24-70 you can really see the focus breathing on the auto setting here.

10 Jan 2022

Documentary Filmmaking

Here's an online class I shot on documentary filmmaking for Wedio Academy- it mainly focuses on the approach I took in shooting Rom Boys: 40 Years of Rad. https://academy.wedio.com/documentary-filmmaking/

10 Jan 2022

Awesome Drone Pilots in London

Heres a profile list where I got listed as one of the top drone pilots in London by Wedio - the camera equipment and hire company. https://academy.wedio.com/drone-pilot-london/

12 Dec 2021

Mavic 3 & OA

Gearing up for 2022. With the CAA changing their commercial drone piloting authorisation to a brand new system called Operational Authorisation, after 7 years of drone experience I just updated my qualification to have this new CAA approval - the GVC OA. It's kind of a headache having to do it again but with my knowledge gained over the past 7 years, filming as far afield as Rwanda to Iceland it's surprising how much you forget from the original course. […]

22 Oct 2021

The Lancaster at 80

I'm super stoked to announce that the production I shot over the summer is airing on Saturday 23rd October on Channel 4 TV here in the UK at 7PM. This was a whirlwind of a production - from pre-production thru post in around 11 weeks - from finding the story and filming the interviewees to archive to edit and graphics - this was a big undertaking and at times pretty overwhelming in hitting the deadlines - a lot different to […]

25 Jul 2021

Another win For Rom Boys

Best Local Film at the Romford Film festival. Cool custom engraved award.

21 Jul 2021

New TV Project

Very exciting feature length TV documentary in production. Shooting and directing. Will be airing on C4 in October 2021 ..Full details coming soon....

06 Apr 2021

Codec Project

Podcast interview with Anthony Moreschi at the Codec Project. https://www.codecprojects.com/podcast/codec-projects-s1e22-matt-harris-filmmaker-rom-boys-entrepreneur ITUNES SPOTIFY

22 Dec 2020

Interview with Saint Vitus Lounge

Saint Vitus bar is a cool music venue based in Brooklyn. Chris Enriquez, whilst lockdown has been happening has been running an Instagram live interview feed with key musicians who have performed there - it's had some big names through the years. ALSO Chris played drums on the Rom Boys soundtrack so we organised a time to do an interview along with Fernando Martinez the films composer. This was great and if you're into music skip my bit and jump […]