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17 Jun 2024
19 Oct 2023
29 Jun 2023

Windrush 75

Last week was the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the Windrush generation to Tilbury. This short film I shot (on an A7SIII and Mavic 3 Cine . Also working with Artist Eve Wright (www.evewrightstudios.co.uk) some of my DP work was shown in 3 of his films

01 Feb 2023

What is the difference between a CAA A2CofC qualification and a PDRA01 for drone pilots

The CAA A2 Certificate of Competency (A2CofC) and the PDRA01 qualification are both drone pilot certifications issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in the United Kingdom. However, there are some differences between the two: In conclusion, both the A2CofC and the PDRA01 certifications demonstrate the competency of drone pilots, but they have different scopes, prerequisites, and purposes. Drone pilots may need to obtain both certifications, depending on their intended use of drones.

30 Jan 2023

The Benefits of Using Drones in Your Next Corporate Film

Corporate films play a crucial role in promoting a company’s brand and communicating its message to a wide audience. To stand out in today’s competitive market, companies need to use innovative and cutting-edge technology in their corporate films. Drones are becoming an increasingly popular tool for creating stunning aerial footage that can enhance any corporate film. In conclusion, drones are a powerful tool for enhancing any corporate film. With their cost-effectiveness, versatility, unique perspectives, safety and time-saving benefits, they offer […]

30 Jan 2023
Matt Harris filmmaker

5 Reasons Why a Documentary Filmmaker is the Ideal Creator for Branded Content

Branded content is an effective marketing tool that companies and brands use to engage and connect with their target audience. With the increasing demand for authentic and meaningful content, companies are looking for experienced and skilled content creators who can bring their brand story to life. Documentary filmmakers, with their unique set of skills, are the ideal candidates to create branded content that resonates with the audience. In conclusion, documentary filmmakers bring a unique set of skills to the table […]

25 Jan 2023
16 Sep 2022
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11 Jul 2022

Queens Jubilee

Always great to get involved in a project that's a part of history. In the build up to the Queens Jubilee pageant I was involved in a number of shoots for different organisations - from an interview for German Pro-Sieben TV to the lighting of the torch at Tilbury Fort to shooting the pageant itself on the Mall. here are some shots from those events.