Adventure Filmmaking

Alongside corporate, commercial and music video my background is actually in adventure travel photography. From shooting great whites in South Africa to WWII Wrecks at Bikini  and remote atolls in the Pacific.

Alongside shooting doc for TV (Channel 4 / 5 amongst others) I've also taken this experience into my corporate filmmaking . In particular I've shot corporate style productions where they've requested a documentary style approach - this was achieved particularly well on a shoot for a US corporation in Rwanda. See below.

Lake Kivu: Rwanda from Pixelwork on Vimeo.

Branded content today is all about creating genuine looking productions, which don't look staged and so this documentary style visual aesthetic works really well.

Using underwater housings, drones and broadcast quality cameras it's now so much easier to create really stunning imagery at  a fraction of the cost.

But thats not to say there's a time and a place for the odd helicopter shoot every once in a while.

It's also not for everyone. I spent years working and travelling to remote parts of the world in Central America, the Caribbean, Pacific and Africa. Places where there aren't 5* hotels (I once spent 2 weeks living on the floor of a post office as it was the only secure place for our camera gear).You need to be comfortable living uncomfortably, you need to be streetwise in a foreign culture and really self aware when it comes to taking thousands of pounds of equipment to very poor areas

You can't be a Marcus Brody..




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