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Rom Boys

I can see why most documentaries are a labour of love. The Rom Boys film is no exception. Whilst getting great support in the production it's only when you start digging around that you realise how much passion their is for this place with the local community and how getting everyone to have their say…
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Documentary Film Making

I guess there comes a time in every commercial filmmakers life when they really want to get their teeth into something less "salesy" and which fits more with them as a person and tells a story they really think needs telling. I once saw a documentary about Ridley Scott, who began his career shooting TV commercials…
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Sicario: The Genius of Roger Deakins

Okay so this month the Oscars are coming with The Revenant being the movie billed to be the years big winner. It's a GREAT film. The cinematography by two time oscar winner Emmanuel Lubezki ticks all my boxes - big wide lenses (12-28mm) and all shot in natural or firelight on the Alexa 65mm. What's not…
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